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Automotive Transmission Adapters

For Diesel Engines

Phoenix Casting & Machining is proud to offer several aluminum components to assist your coupling of industrial diesel engines to standard automotive applications. These adapters have been out in the field in aircraft ground support equipment and underground mining applications for more than a decade.

All three automotive versions, Gm 5.7L, Chrysler 727A and Ford C6 are the small block versions, and will require the use of the original automotive flywheel or flexplate in conjuction with the SAE depressed center flywheel on your diesel. Our flywheel adapter will bridge the two flywheels, and our housing adapter will mate your SAE flywheel housing with your automotive transmission housing. The assembly will add 1.0" of length to the back of your flywheel housing.

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NOTE:  PCMI does not have adapters available for an automotive engine to an automotive transmission, and does not custom build such adapters.


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